Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Real Deal

Imagine buying a Louis Vuitton without a warranty card.

A Prada without a warranty card.

Or any branded items without any proof of authenticity.

You may find bargains online and from many other places but if there is no proof of its authenticity, it could be viewed as an imitation.

In NAS, our new OPI nail polish bottles bear a unique identification number and a seal for authenticity purposes. This is only possible because our nail polishes are delivered direct from OPI's only recognised dealer in Singapore.

Costs may be higher but we felt that at least our customers will be at ease knowing what we apply on their nails is real OPI nail polish. Despite increased costs, we still did not inflat our prices skyhigh.

Recently, NAS was accused of selling fake nail polishes despite our nail polishes bearing a unique authenticity code. Talks with our OPI Singapore office sales representative ensured we are well covered.

NAS is a registered operating nail parlor with a blog, not a random blogshop selling OPI nail polishes. It is important that we keep our customers informed and protect ourselves when our reputation is at stake.

In NAS, we use the real stuff. You get the real deal.