Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ear Candling Process

NAS presents Ear Candling Process...

Google and find what others say about ear candling. There are many views on ear candling and its effectiveness. In NAS, we believe in convincing you by our actions.

The below is done in two sessions. Lavander and Rose ear candles were used in this experiment. Continue reading and be the judge.

This is what you see when you open the unburnt ear candle wax.

Not everything you see is dirt.

Close up,

The yellow thing is actually a small sponge measuring 1.5cm.

Now, get ready for ear candling. Please prepare a bowl/cup of water just in case.

First, light up the ear candle.

Second, insert it to your ear.
You will hear "popping" sound or the sound of fire burning.

Let the fire burn till it touches the line and put out the flamenusing the bowl/cup of water. The line is indicated on every candle.

Third: Warning!

The image below may cause discomfort. Continue at your own risk.

That is the tiny sponge and lots of impurities!

The white or light yellow part is soap or shampoo that gets into your ears while showering.

The brown part is ear wick.

All right. Both sides done.
End result of both sides are different.

You have seen what ear candling do. It is up to you to believe what it does.

We are proud to announce ear candles is available for sale at $8 a pair now! Enjoy 50% off for your second pair. $5 each pair for purchase of 3 pairs or more!

Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Singapore. No minimum order.

Contact us at 91178193 or e-mail us at nailartstation@gmail.com for bulk purchase.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Illuminate - Designer Series

Nail Art Station presents...

From OPI Designer Series

Illuminate - A brilliant sparkle of rich, burnished gold.

It appeared more brown than gold on me. Brownish gold to be exact if I really have to include gold in the description.

OPI's Designer Series is probably the most affordable Designer wear in the world.

As the name of the series imply, Designer Series is glam enough to wear to events, functions or formal dinners without spending hours in a nail salon on elaborate nail art.

Be the star and sparkle with Designer Series. =)



Note: Views are strictly personal and shall not be quoted.

Designer Series is available for sale at $17.90 per bottle or $30 for 2. For bulk orders, please e-mail us at nailartstation@gmail.com. Postage is included for delivery in Singapore.

With effect from November 2009, all new polishes sold come with a seal of warranty/authenticity.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday Treats!

Nail Art Station presents Birthday Treats!!!

We love birthdays!

Birthday is a good enough reason to pamper yourself. That is why we are offering you 20% off any services on your birthday month. It is extendable to your family and friends too.

Don't be shy. Tell us and we will celebrate it with you. =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Permanent Part Time Manicurist Needed

Nail Art Station is looking for permanent part-time manicurists at E!hub, Pasir Ris.

Working days:

Fri 2pm to 10pm
Sat 4pm to 10pm
Sun 12noon to 10pm

Pay structure depends on experience. Please call 91178193 for interview.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Batch 4 Nail Designs

Nail Art Station Simple nailart Batch 4 Nail Designs.

Batch 4 Design 1 @ $29.90
Batch 4 Design 2 @ $29.90
Batch 4 Design 3 @ $29.90
Batch 4 Design 4 @ $39.90

Batch 4 Design 5 @ $29.90

Batch 4 Design 6 @ $29.90

Batch 4 Design 7 @ $29.90

Batch 4 Design 8 @ $39.90

Batch 4 Design 9 @ $39.90

Design can be done on natural / nail tip extensions / Acrylic / Gel nails.

To serve you better, nail glue will be included for all designs on nail tip extensions from March 2010. =)
Please call or sms 91178193 for appointment or enquiries. See you soon!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

OPI's Fight Against Counterfeits

Nail Art Station hopes it is ok to show a letter forwarded from OPI USA to Singapore to recognised salons using OPI (which is us)...

Dear all,

Here is the latest news in OPI's fight against counterfeits directly at their source in China. Two more raids have been completed with significant amounts of counterfeit OPI seized in the process.

Raid 1 = 2472 bottles of counterfeit "O.P.I" nail polish seized.

Raid 2 = 2116 bottles of counterfeit "O.P.I" nail polish seized.

We will continue with this endeavor until we are able to significantly wipe out the counterfeit OPI goods manufactured in China.

Every raid is a small victory and helps with the bigger picture. We hope this info is encouraging to you also and i will continue to keep you updated as I receive information.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Regards to all,

Scott Smith

Scott SmithInternational Sales Manager

PS: This is why our nail polishes comes with a seal of warranty and why it is not possible to sell our polishes at less than SGD $10 or only a little more than $10 like some *ahem* online stores.

Seriously, why would you want to pay for fake nail polishes that only harm your nails?

Monday, March 8, 2010

NAS Customers' Top 3 All Time Favourite OPI Colours

Nail Art Station presents...

Our all time popular OPI colours used by customers (yes we do make a record).

From Russian Series

St Petersburgundy

From France Collection

We'll Always Have Paris

From Chicago Collection

Lincoln Park after Dark

All 3 colours has been restocked and are available for purchase. NAS retail price at $17.90 for one, $30 for two bottles. Contact us at nailartstaion@gmail.com for more information.

With effect from November 2009, all new OPI colours sold in NAS comes with seal of warranty and authenticity.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just for fun...

Just for fun...

Meet Nano, NAS' supervisor trying to look scared.

No. No one is resting their hand on her shoulder...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Nail Art Station presents...

Finally! The movie, Alice in Wonderland will be showing in Singapore tomorow.

Did you know OPI have a Alice in Wonderland series?

From left:

  1. Off with Her Red!
  2. Mad as a Hatter
  3. Absolutely Alice
  4. Thanks So Muchness!

With effect from November 2009, all new OPI polishes sold in NAS ET AL comes with seal of authenticity.

Retail price, $17.90 per bottle. $30 for 2. For pre-order or bulk purchase price, please e-mail us at nailartstation@gmail.com or sms us at 91178193 for more information. Enjoy!