Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get Wild!

NAS presents...

Leopard? Cheetah?

Safari Nail Files!

Get wild with us at NAS!

Price at $2.90 each.

Please contact us at for bulk purchase.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Mix It Series - 1

NAS presents...

Monet saving tips.

Mixing it.

Mix what?

Nail polish colours of course.

Mixing colours you had been using for the longest time with other colours to get a new colour. Be creative and save money in the process.

At NAS, we took the liberty of mixing discontinued colours, existing colours and colours not popular with existing clients. (We really don't want to put things on our shelves too long and apply expired polishes on our clients.)

Reduce Reuse and Reinvent!

OPI I43 + B27 + E25
Black Cherry Chutney + Dominant Jeans + Sahara Sapphire

A new colour?

We do not know how much we mixed but we only know what colour we mixed. This colour is for use only and not for sale (because we really can't produce the same colour again and we don't want to be sued).

Alternatively, please visit for colours available for sale and you are welcomed to order from us. Please contact us at 91178193 or at Thank you!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nail Files

NAS presents...

Nail Files!

Sometimes, a nail file is what you really need to prevent further damaged to your chipped nail or to your perfectly manicured nails.

The above designs are available for sale at $1.90 - $2.90 each.

For hygiene purpose, we strongly encourage you to get our own nail files while getting your manicure and pedicure.
Receive 50% off your nail file with any of our Classic or Express services.

They are so cute and we think there's really no harm getting one.

Get yours today at Level 4, E!hub@Downtown East!

Alternatively, call us at 91178193 or e-mail us at for bulk purchase.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cindy's Instant Lash Extension

NAS presents...

Cindy's Lashes.


No masara or eyelash crimper is used in process.

Visit us at E!hub Level 4 to get your second box free $19.90!

Email us at for bulk purchase.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eyelash 1 for 1!

NAS presents...

1 for 1 Eyelashes!

Buy 1 box and get your second box of eyelashes free!
Visit us at E!hub@Downtown East level 4 today!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Party World Vouchers!

NAS presents...
Party World Vouchers!

Receive a $10 Party World Voucher with your Classic Manicure and Pedicure or with every $50 spent on Mondays to Thursdays, 2-10pm at Nail Art Station during the Great Singapore Sale season!

While vouchers last!

Please call us at 91178193 for appointment to avoid disappointment.

Friday, June 11, 2010

SUJU on Nails

NAS presents...

SUJU is short form for a Korean boyband, Super Junior.
Image from Faux Asian blog.
We got to know this from customers of ours when they requested SUJU to be written on their nails for their concert in Singapore.
We couldn't really draw them all on fingers can we?
What we were actually asked to do below...


Four simple letters, 2 happy girls.
Hope you girls enjoyed the concert. =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The NAS Team

NAS presents...

The faces of people who are responsible for your nails...

The NAS Team!

From left: Zeelia, Sylvia, Candice & Norizan

From left : Belinda, Candice, Sylvia & Cindy

Please direct your feedback to Candice or Sylvia at or at 91178193.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Nail Tek Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal

NAS presents Clinically Poven - Physician Appoved,
Nail Tek Maximum Strength Antifungal!

If you haven't already notice this on our shelves and if our friendly manicurists haven't introduced this to you, we are proud to share this piece of information with you now!

Nail Tek Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal is a physician approved formulation effective in killing fungus that infects the fingers and toes. It is the most effective treatment available without a prescription. It kills fungus by inhibiting growth and reproduction of fungal cells at the site of infection.

You are most likely to have fungus growth if you wear covered shoes in tropical sunny and humid Singapore. Examples of fungal infection are ingrowth, greenish growth on toes and zig zag nails etc.

Directions: Cleanse and dry affected areas. Apply twice a day to the affective area. Remove product form any untreated areas.

Store at controlled room temperature 15-30 degree celsius. Protect fom freezing.

Nail Tek Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal is now available in 10ml bottles at $28. Visit us at E!hub@Downtown East level 4 or contact us at fo more information.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Promotion!

NAS presents June Promo!!

Enjoy savings and receive 3 sets of nail stickers free when you get a pair of basecoat and topcoat at $11.90 (U.P $8.90 each).

Visit us at E!hub@Downtown East level 4. While stocks last!