Sunday, March 28, 2010

Illuminate - Designer Series

Nail Art Station presents...

From OPI Designer Series

Illuminate - A brilliant sparkle of rich, burnished gold.

It appeared more brown than gold on me. Brownish gold to be exact if I really have to include gold in the description.

OPI's Designer Series is probably the most affordable Designer wear in the world.

As the name of the series imply, Designer Series is glam enough to wear to events, functions or formal dinners without spending hours in a nail salon on elaborate nail art.

Be the star and sparkle with Designer Series. =)



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Designer Series is available for sale at $17.90 per bottle or $30 for 2. For bulk orders, please e-mail us at Postage is included for delivery in Singapore.

With effect from November 2009, all new polishes sold come with a seal of warranty/authenticity.