Thursday, April 8, 2010

Promo: OPI Bascoat and Topcoat!

NAS presents promotion for OPI Basecoat and Topcoat!

Pardon the image size

New stocks are available for OPI basecoat and topcoat at $25 a pair!

We will restock if it is out of stock because basecoats (to prevent nails from turing yellowish) and topcoats (to prevent nail polish from chipping off) are essential while applying nail polishes.

Visit us at Level 4 E!hub@Downtown East, or text your orders to 91178193 or e-mail us at

With effect from November 2009, all new OPI products sold by NAS ET AL comes with seal of warranty/authenticity. It is important for us and for you to know what you use on yourself are not harmful knock-offs.