Monday, May 24, 2010

Candice's Eyes

NAS presents...

Candice's Eyes???

We would like to show you the transformation of Candice's eyes.

Unlike our western counterparts, Asians are generally not blessed with long eyelashes. This explains why Asians are obsessed with eye make-up.

Apply a light base colour and then colour on her eyelids.

Then, eyeliner.
This may be sufficient if you have long, thick lashes and mascara might be your last step but we are not done here yet.

Next, measure the desired width against each eye.

Cut away the sides.

Apply eyelash glue and stick on top of your eyelash using eyeliner as a guide.
Can you see the difference between the eye with false eyelash attached and the eye without?

Both eyes are done.

Length of eyelashes increased. Best is, it looks natural.

Use eyelash curler if your are going for the "dolly look".

Scroll back to top and look at the very first picture to compare.

This may seem a lot of work but speed increases with practice. Experienced false eyelash users claimed it is faster sticking on the lashes than applying mascara.

Our false eyelashes are handmade, light, looks natural and can be reused!

False eyelashes and eyelash glue is available for sale at $19.90/box of 10, $29.90 for 2boxes. Eyelash glue at $6.90 each.

E-mail us at for bulk purchase.