Thursday, July 8, 2010

Authenticity Sticker

NAS presents...

OPI Nail Polishes Restocked!

There are two things we would like to share.

We have restocked your favouite OPI colours.

NAS always state our OPI nail polishes comes with seal of authnticity but not many people knows what it means.

Notice the black and white sticker on all our polishes which you don't find it in many places?

This sticker proves the authenticity of the nail polishes. All nail polish bottles come with a unique identification number (Same theory as those dsigner bags).

Sorry we are not able to show you the numbers and we regret to inform you nail poish with this sticker is only available for sale at registered nail parlours only. When you visit us at E!hub, level 4 next time, you know we are using and selling real stuff.

OPI Nail Polish is priced at $17.90 / bottle or $30 for 2 bottles at NAS.Align Center