Friday, June 4, 2010

Nail Tek Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal

NAS presents Clinically Poven - Physician Appoved,
Nail Tek Maximum Strength Antifungal!

If you haven't already notice this on our shelves and if our friendly manicurists haven't introduced this to you, we are proud to share this piece of information with you now!

Nail Tek Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal is a physician approved formulation effective in killing fungus that infects the fingers and toes. It is the most effective treatment available without a prescription. It kills fungus by inhibiting growth and reproduction of fungal cells at the site of infection.

You are most likely to have fungus growth if you wear covered shoes in tropical sunny and humid Singapore. Examples of fungal infection are ingrowth, greenish growth on toes and zig zag nails etc.

Directions: Cleanse and dry affected areas. Apply twice a day to the affective area. Remove product form any untreated areas.

Store at controlled room temperature 15-30 degree celsius. Protect fom freezing.

Nail Tek Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal is now available in 10ml bottles at $28. Visit us at E!hub@Downtown East level 4 or contact us at fo more information.