Friday, June 25, 2010

Mix It Series - 1

NAS presents...

Monet saving tips.

Mixing it.

Mix what?

Nail polish colours of course.

Mixing colours you had been using for the longest time with other colours to get a new colour. Be creative and save money in the process.

At NAS, we took the liberty of mixing discontinued colours, existing colours and colours not popular with existing clients. (We really don't want to put things on our shelves too long and apply expired polishes on our clients.)

Reduce Reuse and Reinvent!

OPI I43 + B27 + E25
Black Cherry Chutney + Dominant Jeans + Sahara Sapphire

A new colour?

We do not know how much we mixed but we only know what colour we mixed. This colour is for use only and not for sale (because we really can't produce the same colour again and we don't want to be sued).

Alternatively, please visit for colours available for sale and you are welcomed to order from us. Please contact us at 91178193 or at Thank you!